View Full Version : Also having recognition problems...

05-05-2009, 06:48 PM
Greetings all --

I'm a new user and also having absolutely no success getting song recognition. I'm not great at this but I tried to "exclude" shoutcast (mostly what I've been listening to experimentally) from the firewall and it didn't do any good...

Since I'm a beginner I am learning my way around internet radio by listening to pretty plain-vanilla stuff, like what's available on Itunes. I just figured radio streaming through Itunes and in the Itunes radio directory wouldn't be so exotic that the software wouldn't recognize the individual songs but I'm also getting pages full of "not recognized", no album recognition, nothing.

I did put in a request to technical assistance but I also joined the forum so I can see if anyone comes up with a way to fix this until the folks at Applian get it fixed, which of course earnestly hope they do.

Is there anything specific I should be doing with Norton Internet Security to allow the software access to the Web? Maybe that is my problem...I'm running Windows XP, iTunes.



Cheryl Wester
05-06-2009, 03:16 PM
Shoutcast will not always split with Replay Music. When it doesn't split it can't tag. This is due to the lack of a definitive silence between the songs and that they fade in and fade out. It works great with subscription services such as Pandora or Rhapsody.