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Richard Adams
04-26-2009, 09:37 AM
[/INDENT]I'm still on a steep learning curve with file types, kbps, x-vid versus mpeg4 etc. and would like a manual for non-experts. I am willing to experiment but that can take hours for each one. Tech support have been great and resolved most difficulties.

However my latest one is a horizontal split halfway up the screen where the top of the screen is slightly out of sync with the bottom. I've seen a thread about this somewhere but can't find it.

Could anyone offer a bonding solution


Cheryl Wester
04-26-2009, 09:45 PM
Hi Richard,

To get the best quality video with Replay Video Capture -- try the following:

1. Go to Settings, and make sure you are using the MPEG-2 video format. Also, you may want to click on "Recommended Settings" at the top and select the most fitting option according to your pc configuration.

2. Try recording from a smaller video window by resizing your player to 1/4 of your screen, or no more than 480x640 pixels. This won't affect the video quality (since video is scaled UP from smaller sizes to fit a full-screen picture). This will require less computer power to capture, which will make for smoother videos.