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03-11-2009, 10:39 AM
The settings window in the current version of Video Capture is too tall for my VDU screen. If the title bar is showing, then the buttons at the bottom are not. Thus it is difficult for me to change some settings and click the OK button as this is not visible.

[By chance, I do have a workaround in that I can run a program that is able to move/hide/unhide any arbitrary windows on the screen, including hidden windows. But this is beside the point.]

Could you please make the settings window about 70% of it's current height?

Also there is another problem:
It is more comfortable for me to use slightly larger than normal font sizes.
[Windows XP -> Desktop (right click) -> Properties -> Settings (tab) -> Advanced (button) -> DPI Setting = 120]
But with this larger font size, the text in many of your text boxes is unnecessarily truncated. For example, toward the bottom right there is a text box that says "Check for new" but the rest of the text is missing. There is plenty of room to the right of it for further words, so the problem is simply that the text box [actually, a static control] has been defined with an insufficient width. This is the case for many text boxes in this window.

Anthony Jordan

04-17-2009, 02:09 PM
I see that both problems have been fixed in version 3.2