View Full Version : RVC errors: Cannot find video directory and Cannot run graph

02-12-2009, 04:52 PM
I unistalled and reinstalled but I get the error at the beginning: Unable to find Directory RVC video. Then it says cannot run graph. I have Vista Home OS. Anything I can try? I saw one post where I can tweak the audio in Vista but nothing about the inability to find the directory.

Jeff Lenney
02-12-2009, 05:47 PM
Hi Geeky

Regarding the Cannot run graph error - 99.9% of the time this is unresolvable, it has to do with a driver conflict and basically means that directshow does not function properly... which is beyond our control.

There is a SLIGHT chance to get it working, but again..this is beyond our control so I can't make any promises.

From my understanding, The "Cannot Run Graph" error is related to the version of DirectX installed on your machine. You need to have version 9 or higher installed in order to run Replay Video Capture. My recommendation would be to make sure you are running DirectX 9 (or 10 if your graphics card will support it) and that should take care of the problem.

Also, You might want to try uninstalling Replay Video Capture, restarting your computer and re-installing it. Usually this has to be done for it to realize that the proper version of DirectX has been installed.

Let me know how it goes. =)

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05-20-2010, 05:14 PM
Cannot find directory... then it says, cannot run graph. Im not sure why this is happening all of a sudden but the error prevents me from recording. Has anyone else come across this? Thanks, Randito

Cheryl Wester
05-21-2010, 08:54 AM
If you are not using the latest version uninstall what you have and reboot. Then download and install the latest version. Go into settings and at the bottom left verify that you have a recording folder. If you continue to have a problem please contact tech support.