View Full Version : Cannot save screen with [email protected] media player

02-07-2009, 09:12 AM
Ok, to make a long story short: Replay Media Catcher cannot capture a certain stream that I really want, because for some reason, the resulting FLV file is corrupt, giving superb picture, but with small (50 ms) gaps in sound every second or so, probably due to some synchronisation (or copyright?) problem.

I could have gotten my money back, but Media Catcher is the only program I found that intercepts this stream, and for some reason, the Replay FLV player does NOT have the sound problem. So I will keep the complete Replay Suite and have a go at Replay Video Capture, so I can play the downloaded Media Catcher file with the FLV player and make a copy of the picture with Video Capture, thereby solving the synchronisation problem. And yes, there is a loss of visual quality there, but as far as I know, this is the ONLY way to be able to intercept this stream and later on, burn it on DVD, with acceptable picture and sound.

Unfortunately 2 problems arise.

1) Watching HDvideo with the Applian FLV player is not a joy. Especially when panning or zooming a highly detailed movie, the picture jerks a lot. In this respect, the VLC-player and open source [email protected] do a far better job. Because the VLC player unfortunately does show the gaps in sound, this program is not an option to use Video Capture on. [email protected] remains, but for some reason I cannot capture the picture [email protected] gives. I tried to disable and enable Video Acceleration, but I always get the same result: a green rectangle, but no picture. What can I do to solve this?

2) When I start Replay Video Capture, two vertical white rectangles show the volume of sound by filling them with green. In my case, even when I mute the audio, the green level fills almost 60% of the rectangle, with a slight difference between left and right channel. Is this normal? Is this some noise from the audio-electronics?

Greetz, Charles