04-12-2008, 08:15 PM
Hi there:
I adore the AOL or SONORA (in TERRA NETWORKS, BRASIL) transmissions and I can't use Stream record on Replay AV. But in old WINAMP versions it exists the possibility to hear AOL radio. I think less stations than in AOL web page, but anyway, its nice and is streaming. so Iv got 2 questions:
1st. Can anybody tell me IF it exists the possibility to know the adress of the streaming servers in (for example) SONORA or AOL thru the webpage?. I try to know thru the source code but is java and is opac that info,,,, so I cant do nothing (with my actual tools). Maybe I can know thru a network tracer, but I dont have that tool in my new computer... and If thats possible that can be nice (record thru streaming does stations).
2nd: As I say before, I have some adress for AOL servers (here are one example)
But the problem is that: I can hear perfectly this trnsmissions (thru WINAMP) and record it thru the audio card, but... I want record it thru the streaming service. I ask to the technical service and they said that is not possible now. Anybody knnow how to record that. Any advice, please?. (I think that If is possible record this sort of stransmissions can be great!).
Thank you very much.

Cheryl Wester
04-12-2008, 10:27 PM

If you want AOL Radio open up iTunes and the radio. Select the station you want and then drag it to Replay AV. All that is left for you to do is adjust the schedule for what you want to capture.

07-03-2008, 12:02 PM

In Replay AV start URL finder: Tools > URL Finder
In WinAmp: Select the AOL Radio channel you want to record and play it in WinAmp. The URL for the channel you're playing will appear in the URL Finder (probably the top one with the address beginning with "firehose"). Select that URL and then click on Copy URL. Close URL Finder.
In Replay AV click on Shows > Add Show Manually. And paste the URL into the URL box. Enter the rest of the info manually.

WinAmp is supposed to add the new CBS Radio streams next month. What I just said may not work with them (it did not work with the XM streams). In that case, in WinAmp to File > Playbook Mark > Add Current as Bookmark. Then select library in the left-hand column on WinAmp Media Library. Select the stream you just bookmarked and click on Edit (at the bottom). Copy the URL from the File box and then go back to Replay AV to add the show manually. If the stream won't record as a download (capture by downloading audio stream), click on the Recording tab (in show properties) and try Capture by recording audio output

Cheryl: For the request line, it would be nice if the next version of AV supported WinAmp like it does WMP and RP.