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01-19-2009, 11:38 AM
I cannot record from WMP11. It looks like it's recording but when I play back the resulting wmv file the screen is blank. I tried disabling hardware acceleration but that stopped WMP from displaying the DVD movie. I have tried Power DVD and it does not work. This is the same problem that Hopefull had. Did she solve this issue?

Jeff Lenney
01-19-2009, 12:16 PM
Hi Jwappel,

Here is how to record dvds with Replay Video Capture through Windows media player:

Here is a list of steps that SHOULD get this working. (Note that you can only record DVDs played through Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center, not through any other DVD playback programs.)

1) Start with Replay Video Capture AND Windows Media Player CLOSED

2) Open Replay Video Capture

3) Click the "Settings" button in the main window of Replay Video Capture

4) Make sure the box next to "Disable Video Acceleration" is checked. (By default it should be checked.)

5) Click "Ok."

6) After this, there is another set of steps to Disable HARDWARE acceleration:

1. Right click the desktop. Select Properties in the pop-up menu.
2. In Display Property window click Settings / Advanced / Troubleshoot.
3. Move the Hardware Acceleration slider to NONE.
4. Click Apply. Click OK in the message box displayed by the video card. Click OK to exit

If for any reason you need to re-enable hardware acceleration
Follow the steps 1,2, 4 above. In step 3 move the slider to FULL.

8) Open Windows Media Player

9) Play your dvd, and set up the recording regions.

10) When you set up the recording regions you should see the playback area freeze until you press record, this is an indication that the video acceleration is disabled and you should have no problem recording the video portion of the dvd! =)

Let me know how it goes. I know this seems lengthy, but it's actually pretty simple to do when following the instructions and just takes 1-2 minutes. :)