View Full Version : Some suggestions for AV suit and other applications of this company

04-10-2008, 06:40 PM
Hi there. Im very satisfied of this applications, specialy this Replay AV, but I want to suggest some improve capacities to record the streaming audio. When I register some station The tags aren't correct, I ean that all the fundamental info of does tags are inserted in the "album" field, so I think is better to see the original info in the correct field, for example: Artist name in the correct field, song name in the respective field and etc etc.

Other suggestion is for audio record (thru the Audio card): In Replay music exists the possibility to download the info from a data base, but not in Replay AV. It's possible to put this capacity in this program?

And 3th and last suggestion: In Replay Screen Cast, when I need to record a specific part of the screen in my monitor I can't see the monitor when is a specific part of that monitor what I want to record, so I can't calculate that part of the screen in a correct way. Could be possible see the back screen (the video target or whatever) to be more exact and make a more easy way to capture this video?.
Thank's a lot and see you to all.
Oscar (Spain).