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01-08-2009, 07:24 PM
Here is a fix for all of those nasty webdump.tmp files.

What I do is go to the folder I am using RMC to dump into. I may have about 20 webdump.tmp files. I then rename the files extension from .tmp to .mp3.
So the filename is now webdump.mp3.... As long as the file was indeed an mp3 it will be 100% functional, otherwise if it was an ad or something it'll just say error when you try to play it back. But my main thing is the temps aren't lost files. Believe it or not about 40 - 50% of the webdumps when you change it to .mp3 do in fact still have the correct id3 artist and title tag with it. But I want the ID3 tag for that webdump, genere and a name for it as well without a lot of hassle. I don't want 5,000,000 webdump8565309.mp3 's, or have to do a lot of typing back in filenames. I know this is exagerated but you get the picture.

I found a freeware id3 tag editor in which can automatically show you the filenames and ID3's Alow you to change them, look up albums if you have them, insert genre or change the filename all within a few clicks. It was called "MP3tag v2.42"

I just open MP3tag v2.42, Select change directory to the file where RMC is dumping to after I renamed all of the .tmp 's to .mp3 's. I then just select open on that whole file... It then in a scrollable list view allows you to manage, look over, change, rename, play to preview and edit hundreds of your files and id3 tags. Lucally in the percentage that are called webdump.mp3 that do have the atrist and title id3 tag info in them you can rewrite the filename correctly in seconds for them. You select the "Convert" Tab, then Select the "Tab - filename" tab..... It will show a window with a string in it. I removed some of the string and only had to do it once so it read... %artist% - %title% .... Once this is done it will automatically change webdump.mp3 to "artist name" - "title of song".mp3 by using the info in the id3 Without having to manually type in every one.

On the other 50 - 60% that don't have id3 tags once changed to .mp3 extension, the file still works as a mp3 it is just a mistery as to who and what it is... Unlesss on an off chance it was an ad or different file... But you really have to hunt down the artist and title so those I do wipe out as a loss. You can preview all of the webdumps from mp3tag though and can delete the ones that don't fire up in the default media player.

On average dumping from web radio.... out of say 100 files I may have 20 webdump.tmp temps, out of those 20 mabe 1-2 once changed to mp3 extension won't play and are usually adds or flash video. The other 18 will play fine, which would make a 100% sucess rate on the captured audio.

Lastly... Thank you Applian Team... I know many might Him-Haw about the programs few bugs and stuff... But even though I may have to do a little work I think you do a great job and have a great product.

Thank you, C-Note