View Full Version : RM3 w/ Rhapsody - Problem Playing Songs

12-19-2008, 07:04 PM
I am a new user, just getting started and I have encountered a problem hoping the forum can help resolve.

I started RM3 opened Rhapsody Version 4.0. Clicked record on RM, played a song on Rhapsody and I could see RM recording the song. Got to the end, found the track info and began to transfer to Itunes. Something weird happened, Itunes shutdown and then RM had a message stating that it could not open Itunes.

So I try the process all over again, this time, when I get to the point where I play the song from Rhapsody it freezes and the song does not play. I close all the programs and start again and the same thing happens, Rhapsody freezes.

So I close everything again, open just Rhapsody and play the song and it works fine. I close Rhapsody, open RM and it says a recorder is still running. i go to task manager, see that RM is still running, I shut it down and open RM. It opens fine, start Rhapsody hit record on RM and go to play the song again on Rhapsody, and again in freezes.

I am out of ideas. Please help!!

It might be helpful to know that I am running the trial versions on both RM3 and Rhapsody. Thanks for your help.