View Full Version : Track numbers not importing into iTunes

08-04-2016, 11:26 PM
Hello all,

I've recently started to use Replay Music, so I may be doing something wrong as I'm still learning;

My problem is, when capturing an album of songs, the sequential song count, # increments correctly - but the track number has it's own number from somewhere?

e.g. Album song 2, is identified as track 5 in Replay Music?

This means when imported into iTunes, the order of tracks is not the same as that of the original album.

Any suggestions please - other than renumbering the tracks manually once they are imported into iTunes!

Many thanks


Cheryl Wester
08-05-2016, 01:20 PM
These are two different numbers. One is the order that it was recorded and the other is the number in the album. A suggestion would be to alter them when they are in iTunes if it is not working for you or in our program editing the naming rules so you don't have both numbers showing up.

08-09-2016, 11:07 AM
Hi Cheryl,

Thank you for your reply - something isn't right with the T# number, e.g. for a single album, I have 3 x T#1 and 4 x T#2 and 2 x T#5 for example!

Also, as far as I can see {trackno} is nowhere in my Naming Rules settings I can change myself?

Many thanks