View Full Version : Recording from Line In strange issues

09-09-2015, 03:42 PM
Hello all, I have to record a show via line in, which is stupid, I know. I have three problems:

If I use conversion (MP3 64kbps), I end up with two files per show with different names: one correct "20150909 HD Radio Hour 1.mp3" converted file, and one incorrect "HD Radio Hour 1.mp3" captured file
If I don't use conversion I end up with one file that never gets named properly "HD Radio Hour 1.mp3".
If I put the {Y}{M}{D} parameters in the recording name field I end up with "{Y}{M}{D} HD Radio Hour 1.mp3"

How can I fix this?

BTW, Here is the URL of the KDXU radio station: http://www.newstalk890.com/