View Full Version : What's a .ram file and what do I do with it?

12-17-2008, 11:16 AM
Freecorder is displayed on my Mozilla browser. Let's say I want to record a specific clip from Prairie Home Companion. Here's how I go about it.

1. Type Prairie Home Companion in the Freecorder search window. The search results are little to none compared to my normal search in Google where it will display the NPR listings for Prairie Home.

2. I drill down to the actual clip in a specific show and then click "Listen" on the Prairie Home site.

3. Immediately my Mozilla Downloaded displays a file that it has downloaded in an instant. It might be titled 000456_phc.ram, 118bytes - publicradio.org however most of the time it will not play at that point.

Now, normally that downloaded file needs only to be double clicked and an action will take place. It will install a download or open an application like Powerpoint and play the downloaded file but nothing happens when I click, or double click on the .ram file. Nothing happens in Freecorder.

I've told Windows XP Pro to use Freecorder to play a file having the .raw format. Still nothing happens.

How does one specifically listen to and record a file using Freecorder? Once recorded, yes I can open the Freecorder library and play any file but getting one recorded is another issue.

Tasha Heinlein
12-17-2008, 04:28 PM
You need to have RealPlayer to play .ram files.

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Tasha Heinlein
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Cheryl Wester
12-18-2008, 07:54 PM
A lot of times a ram file is basically a text file with the URL embedded inside. If you get a really small file than that is probably the case. That show is ideally captured with Replay AV, by the way. You might want to also give that program a try.