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12-14-2008, 10:41 PM
Youtube is now allowing for high quality video to be posted to thier servers. I pulled the following from another site that describes what is needed by Youtube. It looks like RVC can do everything but create a 480x360 res video?? Is there a way to tweak the software to do this (modify registry or config file somewhere)? Or am I missing somethinger here?

Thanks for your help. Applian software programs are the best!!

First, let's examine the difference between the standard and high quality. When producing videos at standard quality, YouTube encodes at 320-by-240 resolution and a data rate of about 330 Kbps, with mono audio at 64 Kbps. At the new higher quality, YouTube produces 480-by-360-resolution videos with a data rate of 630 Kbps, and mono audio at 96 Kbps. I uploaded files at 29.97 frames per second on my tests, and YouTube produced both files at that rate. No matter whether YouTube encodes at standard or high quality, the site displays the video at 480-by-360 resolution, which means that it stretches the lower-resolution video to 480-by-360 during display, while the higher-quality file plays at native resolution.
To entice YouTube into rendering your video at the higher quality, you have to upload video at a resolution of 480-by-360 or higher. While maintaining the 10-minute duration limit for most uploaded videos, YouTube has increased the maximum allowable file size from 100MB to 1GB, so it's pretty easy to upload the higher-resolution video without blowing the file size limit.
If you're savvy with video-encoding controls, you should encode at 480-by-360 at 30 fps using the H.264 codec if available, or Windows Media or MPEG-4 if it's not. To remain under the 1GB limit for a 10-minute file, you can encode at up to about 13 Mbps. But at the 480-by-320 resolution, you can safely encode at about 6 Mbps, still produce excellent quality, and cut your upload time in half. Oh, and produce your mono audio at the higher-quality 96-Kbps setting.
If you're uncomfortable setting your own parameters, see if your editing tool has an iPod preset that produces 640-by-480 resolution, like the iPod preset from Premiere Elements 7.0, shown in Figure 2. Though the default data rate of 1 Mbps was probably fine, I went in and manually boosted it to 6 Mbps for maximum quality.

12-16-2008, 02:58 PM
Ok, I found my own answer. I did not notice the 'Recommended Setting' button at the very top of the Settings dialog box. Set the capture to 'Full Screen' and post to Youtube! After Youtube renders the video you will see 'Watch in High Quality' just under the right bottom corner of the image! This makes playing back computer screens for training, demos, etc. just outstanding. You can read all the text and see even the smallest of icons! Bravo Applian!!!

Jeff Lenney
12-16-2008, 07:30 PM
You beat me to it! :-)

I'm glad you were able to answer your own question, and thanks for making this post so others can learn from it too! That's a GREAT question and i'm surem any others will learn from your post!

Thanks again.