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12-12-2008, 11:06 AM
Here is a few request:

now, you are giving a few options in RC like:
Video Dimensions 320x200 to 720x576 or original or
custom now, how do you use custom video dimension?

I would abolish anything below 720x480 because anything under that
is VHS quality. Now, the the maximum video resolution dimension
Blu-ray dimension is: 1920x1088 (Full 1080p)

so, to view a video of that dimension size you would need a HDTV/PC monitor with a 256 MB video card running 2 GB of pc memory to avoid sound choppiness.

Preview window:
It would be nice if you can adjust video display properties in the output file like:
Hue levels
Saturation Levels
Brightness Level
Contrast level
Sharpness level to soft
also, adding a Deblocking (remove pixelation) would be nice. Very rare feature.

also, adding a mosaic logo watermark would be nice...
mosaic logo watermark means a feature that allows you to cover
unwanted annoyances like: channel symbol commercial banners in the bottom
of the video or any part of the video. (you can set the watermark on any timeline of the video)

Now, RC seems be fast when converting small length videos but, long
length can take quite a while. I run a PC that has 3 Gigs of ram and,
and, a very good processor. RC has slow conversion & Normal.
even if you choose normal there are some tasks that the PC becomes
slow in response anyway. 1st ask: (How much ram/processor speed) so, RC will adjust the conversion engine according to the pc specs... I would recommed using full system resorces
to speed up the conversion...and, take advantage of a fast pc.
chances are people always wait for the file to be converted anyway.

Kind Regards.

03-28-2010, 07:50 PM
new to the site, just browsing and came across this post from....2008? oh, well...I'll reply anyway

suggestions related to your post:
1. keep the lower resolutions, there are some I'd rather keep to small file size...rather not be FORCED to have high quality (mp3 players have limited room)
2. I agree with your preview window suggestions...but put them under an 'advanced' or 'other' button to keep the window clean (and I would probably never use them anyway)
3. conversion time... it IS a little slow...
4. 3D would be nice, too.... but you gotta stop somewhere...maybe you just need the next level of commercial editing software

08-17-2010, 05:05 AM
Hi everybody,

Watermark on video sounds a very good idea, in order to protect the authenticity of a video that is uploaded on the internet. :)
We hope to see it soon as a function in Applian Converter :)


Jeff Lenney
08-18-2010, 12:19 AM
Heya Folks

Thanks for your input. I've emialed Mike, our Replay Converter program and made him aware of this request.