View Full Version : Audio on an FLV to AVI conversion

12-10-2008, 10:34 AM
I have an Archos AV700 media player which is fickle about what formats it can handle. I have recently downloaded some flv files from fancast/hulu. Upon conversion to Xvid I was able to see the video on my archos but there was no audio. Gspot determined that the audio codec of the converted file was mpeg-1 layer 2. I installed this codec to my system and was able to take the converted files and convert the audio portion to Lame using virtualdub for a working file. It would be nice however to use the replay converter and do it all in one shot. When configuring the device for encoding you only get to choose the bit rate and hz and stereo/mono, but not the actual audio codec to be used like you would in virtualdub. I need mp3 or Lame mp3, not the strange codec the converter is defaulting to.

In addition I currently have ffdshow installed on my system.
Any help is much appreciated