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12-07-2008, 11:40 AM
I was so excited when i downloaded this software. I would have been willing to buy it if i could record a few streaming audio stories from National Public Radio (NPR). So why is it that nothing is recording? What can i do? Thanks!

Tom Mayes
12-07-2008, 07:35 PM

By audio stories, are you referring to archives or a live audio stream? The archives on NPR.org play within Adobe Flash Player and can be captured using Replay Media Catcher: http://applian.com/download-videos/

If you are looking to record the audio stream of a favorite show while it is playing live, then you would want to use one of hundreds of internet NPR affiliated stations that play the show. You can then use Replay AV to record the stream on a scheduled basis, and dependent upon the stream you select, can most probably use Replay AV's Stream Capture technology as opposed to recording the audio stream as it is heard through your speakers.


Tom Mayes

12-08-2008, 07:30 PM
Yes, the archives. I go to NPR everyday and using Adobe media player i select all the new articles i want to listen to. I press the record button, it says it is recording but nothing happens. You are saying i need a different program? I'm using the Freecorder right now. What is the difference. It said i can record anything.

Sorry, I'm still lost as to exactly what i need to do? You want me to download something else. So I don't need freecorder?


Cheryl Wester
12-08-2008, 09:26 PM
The ideal program to use to capture the files you want is Replay Media Catcher. The best thing for you to do is give the demo a try and see if it is going to meet your needs.

12-09-2008, 06:56 PM
Thanks a million! I have not tried it yet. But if i do decide to buy it, what are the chances that i will need yet another program for some other website?

Jeff Lenney
12-09-2008, 07:09 PM
Thanks a million! I have not tried it yet. But if i do decide to buy it, what are the chances that i will need yet another program for some other website?

Well there's always a chance, there is not one program today in existance that can rip/capture EVERYTHING.

The way Replay Media Catcher works is it does not record what is actually playing on your screen, in fact if you want to think of it this way, it does not \"Record\" at all. What it is really doing is capturing URL\'s from these streams and then downloading the video using the URL.

Now, granted, there is not ONE program out there that can record everything. This is the same with Replay Media Catcheras well, so we created Replay Video Capture which works pretty much oppositely of WMR. It records what's on your screen, online...offline, whatever you choose to record. If you have NOT yet tried out/purchased WM Capture, I suggest you check it out here: http://www.applian.com/replay-video-capture/index.php

Together, using these two programs together you can record pretty much anything on your computer, or just actions from your computer desktop (such as dvd movies in windows media player, etc).

I hope this helps. :-)

01-05-2009, 10:27 AM
Thanks for the information. I've not given it a try yet but I plan to do so in a few days if not today.

Can I use this software to convert CD audio tracks and audiobooks to MP3?

I'm trying to determine what all i can do with the software before buying it to make sure it is worth the money. I'm not exactly sure how much NPR I will want to record. If I can use it for multiple reasons that would be better.

It says: "Convert files to WMV, MPEG, 3GP, iPod/iPhone and more. " I don't know what format regular audio CDs are written in. The link http://applian.com/download-videos/ doesn't specificially say it can convert audio CDs to MP3.

I'm looking at the comparison chart and it appears that Replay Media has the least number of abilities. How reliable is this chart? http://applian.com/compare.php