View Full Version : Stream Capture Improvements

03-28-2008, 01:24 AM
I don't know if anyone else would find these suggested improvements useful, but they would certainly make my usage a lot more convenient:

1) Make the "Stream Capture" window persistant so that it remains after adding a selection as a new recording. This would be useful since I tend to capture several radio programs in one session. To avoid the change upsetting people who like it as it is, this could be implemented with a 'Keep window open' tick box, unselected by default.

2) In the "Edit Show Properties: New Show" window make the 'After Recording, Convert to' menu box remember its last setting rather than always defaulting to 'Nothing - Leave As Is'. This is because all the programs I record I want to convert to MP3 afterwards and it would be handy if the software remembered this.

3) In the "Edit Show Properties: New Show" window have an option (ideally a tick box) to enable the default name of the new show to be the last part of the URL instead of 'New Show'. Most of the URLs I record from have something meaningful that would save me having to type in a show name. For example, the URL "Real: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/shows/rpms/radio4/museumcuriosity.rpm" would display "museumcuriosity" in the show name edit box.

4) If technically possible, an estimated download time would be handy to have displayed next to the time so far in the 'Status/Last Recording' column of the main ReplayAV8 application window.

If the software can actually do any of these already but I'm too dumb to realise, please let me know!