View Full Version : Need help for getting video file from URL

02-16-2013, 07:09 AM
I tried below url to download a video file(It require activeX installation of streaming player and you must have 2Giga byte free space on C drive for playing streaming video.) but I failed(I have tried RMC .It succeed to show streaming URL and download on secure recode mode. But it only result in corrupted file not playable video file.)

http://www.eduwill.net/Common/Player_Aqua/Player_CP_U_MP4.asp?DATASRC=rxMAj2x2x0vNK3x8uDx5x3 0Gy6t635o0qA4QhQDRhTU9T11NPUl0HWVUUFFC6VVXKOBRRTVB XNMFn54DmJJKLBR&reqAction=open&mkSessData=MSQwJDM5MTMtMDItMTQgMTY6MDc6Mzck&userid=1101211933&SiteID=VNET&EndDate=&ProductCode=GSMGgLqXuWkLoSFGGUW5KTSEmON9bNNRS1AD73 IRE2x1w2x301v4q0d0sPMFx7uUR6p3t

Is there any ways to download This streaming video to uncorrupted video file?
Any reply would be appreciated.

Jeff Lenney
02-16-2013, 11:51 PM
I was not able to load that site....how long does it normally take to load up?

02-17-2013, 12:26 AM
I forgot to mention that You must browse it with IE and must have 2Giga byte free space on C drive.
And I capture this URL with "Stream transport" freeware S/W and My computer's circumstance is IE 8 and XP Professional edition service pack3
If you have installed ActiveX which ask you to install when it(that url) have loaded with Internet Explorer, it would not take too much time(approximately less than 10 second)to show streaming video page.