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  1. automatic reconnect for live streams
  2. I'm getting a file size of 2,097,152 for my video stream
  3. Web Stream Dumper in RMC4: The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required.
  4. RM4 : How to exclude some programs from being captured?
  5. Question about scheduling
  6. RMC 4 endless recording of strange mp3 files
  7. Replay Media Catcher 4: doesn't record videos, unusable MP3 files, records from flashget
  8. RMC 4 automatic conversion for iPhone 4
  9. RMC 4 downloads unplayable AAC-Audio from RTSP:// ... *.M4A
  10. tuba.fm: Multiple entries for each song and failed downloads
  11. recording secure streams
  12. problem installing the rtmpdump program into the plugins for RMC4
  13. www.3news.co.nz: Can't Capture Flash 10 news video?
  14. Replay Media Catcher 4 does not remember registration code
  15. Downloading from viddler
  16. Audio trouble with Windows 7
  17. No icon on taskbar when RMC4 is minimized
  18. Media Catcher, Media Centre and BSkyB DRM: How to record BSkyB streams / remove DRM from BSkyB video
  19. RMC doesn't pick www.tvnz.co.nz/ondemand without causing the browser to crash
  20. I bother Viddler too much I think. They blocked me
  21. Replay Media Catcher v4 file name settings: Title.mp3 instead of Artist - Title.mp3 ?
  22. Mass remove conversion presets? Convert into wmv9?
  23. Problem with Ustream
  24. How to record music from wolfgang's vault?
  25. Convert to .mov problem
  26. Solving Replay Media Catcher conversion problems by using a different version of ffmpeg
  27. REPLAY MEDIA CATCHER v4: upgrade to avoid
  29. Convert FLV to an iPod audiobook (m4b) with Replay Media Catcher
  30. Can't record from fancast.com
  31. Metadata columns?
  32. problem with slacker recording: index_embed-vm.flv
  33. BBC7 Capture
  34. Channel 4 Recording
  35. Media Catcher 4- Streamed movie pixelation and audio/video sync problems
  36. Unable to Locate Music Stream that will Rename and tag with Song/Artist Information
  37. Media Catcher
  38. v4 does NOT work on KelbyTraining.com
  39. Problems on History Channel
  40. Media Catcher 4 vs. Replay Music
  41. RMC 3 vs RMC 4 vs WM Recorder
  42. 1 song is automatically playing on bootup--can't stop it
  43. New User Questions Related to Capturing Partial Videos and Improving Quality for iPhone
  44. RMC4 Stops @ 120,506 - Is there a RESUME function?
  45. BBC iplayer annoyance
  46. New Update for Media Catcher 4 ---- Possible Bug
  47. Crazy to start a sticky about sites to record from?
  48. problem recording multiple feeds from places like tinychat
  49. Sync Problem with MP4 video when converted from FLV video with RMC
  50. Before I buy: Queued Stream Catch?
  51. how to convert using replay media catcher 4
  52. Replay Media Catcher 4
  53. NetFlix Recording
  54. converted files with media catcher 4 are lot of bigger than converted files with replay converter, why?
  55. QA/ Beta Testing
  56. Trouble with activation code entry
  57. Turning Off Update
  58. RMC4 records in real-time - doesn't download
  59. RMC 3.11
  60. Replay Media Catcher 4.0.9 not starting in Windows 7
  61. Latest upgrade is wonderful!
  62. RMC 4 Filename issue
  63. Replay Media catcher 4
  64. Replay Media Catcher Not Capturing "Embedded" FLV Files
  65. Registration codes not working
  66. Radio Shows
  67. Cannot reinstall 4.09
  68. Message when trying to install RMC 4: Error 1001: Exception occurred while initializing the installation
  69. Capturing videooff of websites?
  70. Replay Media Catcher 4 not working in non-administrative accounts
  71. can't capture Amazon S3 video
  72. New version skips Daum
  73. Queued for conversion
  74. Why is "Super Download" limited to 60 mins?
  75. stop time
  76. recording ASF files
  77. RMC 3.11 can i change sound quality in mpeg1 conversion????
  78. Replay Media Catcher 4 Installation Fails
  79. Running (not installing) without Admin rights
  80. Replay Media Catcher 4 not transfering to itunes
  81. Audio sync problem
  82. RMC 4 stopped working, can't reinstall from new RCATSetup.exe
  83. Error while opening codec for output stream #0.1 - maybe incorrect parameters such as bit_rate, rate, width or height
  84. I can not uninstall / repair Replay Media Catcher 4.09 - Error 1001
  85. Turning off sound effects
  86. What is Replay Media Catcher / Freecorder FLV Service (FLVSrvc.exe)? Is it spyware / malware / virus?
  87. Upgrading existing install of RMC 4.x fails on Windows 7 x64
  88. Is there a quick method of editing the conversion templates to just include a few options?
  89. Start with Windows.
  90. Split on silence no longer works after upgrade
  91. Video deleted
  92. List of video sites that can (and cannot) be recorded (e.g. this url doesn't work)
  93. moving youtube clip from Replay Media Catcher into a power point presentation
  94. Replay Media Catcher 4- Fast forward repalr recording without sound.
  95. Choppy .FLV videos?
  96. Refund?
  97. save silverlight feeds
  98. Replay Media Catcher Trial not working...
  99. Photoshop killed by media catcher
  100. Replay Media Catcher problem: Stuck Identifying Music (When converting to AVI)
  101. Media Catcher (New Version)
  102. rmc 4 issues: records almost everything as a secure stream and tag identity error
  103. rmc works great with vlc player
  104. getting file name between rmc4 and rmc3.
  105. Problems with new version and Grooveshark
  106. naturemusicdownload.com: Will not record anything from this site
  107. problem with youtube.com: 15 second segments
  108. RMC 4.0.10 trial cannot delete old version
  109. RMC 4.0.10 not reported by Applian Director
  110. Netflix: Capture issue
  111. Default format
  112. Supported TV / Webcam Capture
  113. How can I install the Replac Media Catcher 4 as a plug-in in my browsers?
  114. How can I get rid off the Applian network driver
  115. Problems: RMC 3 downloads more streams than RMC 4
  116. Change in recorded flv format from RMC3 to RMC4 with iplayer
  117. Video but no sound
  118. when updating do we need to delete anything?????
  119. Replay Media Catcher 4.0 Can't Download Content From ADOBE TV
  120. Initial client buffer size - what does it do?
  121. How to change theme / color?
  122. Impossible to download?
  123. Applian connection appearing in netstat - need to remove it
  124. Message: "Another instance of Replay Media Catcher is already runing"
  125. RMC 3.11 could not detect any stream
  126. capturing tv from itunes
  127. Need help recording MNF
  128. Media Catcher not picking up streams
  129. KFI Not Streaming today? or is it just me?
  130. To sync or not to sync that is the question....
  131. Being able to edit the PATH manually in the "SETTINGS" option
  132. how to extract MP3 and AAC audio from FLV files losslessly (without re-encoding) using Replay Media Catcher 4
  133. Replay 4 issue: no place to copy and paste the registration key.
  134. NET framework error on installation
  135. RMC 4 not completing ESPN3 streams
  136. RMC picking up IE but not Firefox
  137. can't uninstall replay media catcher 4 - Error 1001
  138. Replay Media Catcher 4 - Sound problem on video recording when playing recorded FLV with VLC player
  139. RMC4 will not intercept some video from Opera Browser
  140. RMC 4 - Recording from Pandora (free) - Pandora freezes
  141. audio way ahead of video after conversions
  142. RMC4--Acts like it is recording but isn't
  143. Could Someone PLEASE Send Me Their 'asmr.dll' File from RMC v4.0.9 x64??
  144. Only records 'previews' from CBC.ca
  145. Doing other stuff while recording
  146. Schedule ESPN3 recording
  147. Replay Media Catcher 4: installed for Administrator" but not "Limited User"
  148. Downloading Subtitles
  149. Is there an Update for RMC 4.0.10?
  150. How to add a specific URL to RMC?
  151. Cannot UNINSTALL asmr.dll error
  152. Keeps Running in Background- Can't Minimize?
  153. Only recording part of videos
  154. Gomtv.net doesn't work with Replay Media Catcher 4
  155. Will there be a version of Replay Media Catcher for Ubuntu Linux?
  156. Files are not being created
  157. Replay Media Catcher, not for me it seems
  158. Need to record one big music file not tagged songs...
  159. Replay Media Catcher 4 Log file?
  160. www.cbc.ca: Re-downloading files from radio 2
  161. kwsu.org: Trouble downloading WMV from a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS://) site
  162. Replay media catcher crashing
  163. appliand driver will not load error-How to fix?
  164. A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\RMC.Setup.msi
  165. file tagging question
  166. Update not working: I get a nag box that an upgrade (to v
  167. File naming works bad after the update
  168. REPLAY MEDIA CATCHER 4 - Unable to install...
  169. xfinity tv (comcast online)?
  170. Can't Install RMC4 Update: The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable
  171. Problem with new version extracting mp3
  172. Recording Pandora: Multiple copies and songs I haven't picked up
  173. Replay Media Catcher 4 and Hulu
  174. Can't install RMC (4.0.14)
  175. Replay Media Catcher window disappeared
  176. Can't install RMC3 or RMC4
  177. Wrong Aspect Ratio
  178. Msn Videos multiple parts download?
  179. YouTube .flv video files: Multiple parts in RMC 4.0.14
  180. Problem trying to capture BBC Radio iplayer audio with Replay Media Catcher 4
  181. Message error starting Replay Media Catcher 4.0.12
  182. [Bug?] RMC4 window keeps resizing automatically
  183. Replay Media Catcher 4 no longer works on XTube?
  184. Only capturing ads from ITV website
  185. Sound either not there or out of sync
  186. Renaming file also highlights its extension
  187. Replay Media Catcher: Multible MP3 Extraction from FLVs
  188. Unable to Remove Replay Media Catcher: A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file: C:\\Windows\Installer\RMCX64.Setup.msi
  189. Capture streaming video with subtitles
  190. Can't capture from MTV
  191. RMC Not Automatically Identifying and Tagging from Slacker.com
  192. double facebook posts while running RMC3
  193. Replay Media Catcher 4 - wont install on Windows 7: Error: The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.
  194. Cannot Download from ustream corrently
  195. How do I record Live webinars (audio & video) using Replay Media Catcher4
  196. Replay video capture recording on second monitor
  197. How to capture from video.about.com
  198. money back
  199. RMC4 MsiInstaller Error Windows7 Logfile
  200. For those of you having trouble installing RMC on Windows
  201. MediaCatcher 4 can't seem to see full TV episodes from ABC ( Dancing with the Stars)
  202. Problem Installing 4.0.17 Trial: Error 1001: An exception occured in the OnAfterInstall event handler of xm
  203. Applian and Apple: Replay Media Catcher on a Mac
  204. FFMPEG message when converting FLV to MP3: SBR not implemented. Update your FFmpeg version to the newest one
  205. help with replay media: RMC quits recording when I close the page
  206. hulu streaming
  207. How to see each frame?
  208. Nasty! RMC deletes the ORIGINAL file instead of the file portrayed in the list!
  209. Converting - [libxvid @ 0x39df80]Invalid pixel aspect ratio 0/1
  210. RMC4 Demo version and last.fm problems
  211. Bose Companion 5 Speakers (Bose USB Audio) causing errors.
  212. Can't install Media catcher 4+: Error 1001:An exception occured in the OnAfterInstall event handler xm. -> Applian Driver installation failed: -536870
  213. Apparent 2GB limit
  214. RMC4 stops downloading Megavideo video after 52 minutes
  215. when try to play any flv file, RMC installation process starts
  216. RMC-4 does not record wma streaming videos
  217. Replay Media Catcher 4 - 64 bit: Problem launching RMC from the desktop and program shortcut
  218. Prevent Replay Media Catcher from not capturing other sites you visit WHILE you record
  219. www.rocktelevision.com: help catching a video stream
  220. Please select a conversion setting and try again
  221. Feature Request: Delete After Conversion
  222. Scheduling Glitch: Problem scheduling Ustream downloading
  223. Won't capture from playlist.com
  224. www.hkjc.com: Problem downloading Windows Media ASF steam
  225. we7 replay media catcher 4 how do i get this work
  226. Is there anyway to pause/resume the download of the seekable streaming video?
  227. ww.com not capture video
  228. RMC 4.0.17 wont capture U tube
  229. can anyone record from www.opentopia.com/hiddencam.php
  230. Can't convert with RMC 4 version 19, or any other RMC 4 version: Error while opening codec for output stream #0.1 - maybe incorrect parameters
  231. blog updates: Release notes error
  232. Mass editing the Conversion List in RMC4
  233. Selecting Stream Quality when recording from svtplay.se
  234. outerdnn.outer.jhuapl.edu: RMC4 hardly captures anything anymore!
  235. Problem downloading from Pandora and Slacker: Complete with errors. Double click to view.
  236. Downloads from lynda.com are not allowed
  237. RMC4 does not capture wma video files -Ticket #[xxxxxx]
  238. Problems with Forced Shutdown
  239. Error with recorded video : Can't rewind, fast forward and convert
  240. Cannot download from fox.com: Encrypted RTMP (RTMPE) has been detected but no playlist was found to provide the connection details
  241. Can Internet hosting companies detect you downloading streaming content
  242. Problem downloading from http://video.wttw.com/
  243. nutristahl.com: Unable to download video
  244. Minor Replay Media Catcher problem: Disable update notification
  245. cache.itele.fr: Can't download with Replay Media Catcher 4
  246. anyway to change audio quality in rmc3??
  247. Cannot capture streaming from Plus7 website
  248. Please HELP transferring Youtube videos to iPod Touch 4 with Replay Media Catcher!
  249. 24xtv.info record video (Nubie Question)
  250. abc.net.au: RTMP problem: waiting for streaming to commence